Boomer Legends

Learn the Secrets to SUCCESS from Boomer Legends
and International Tennis Industry Leaders!!!
I.   Boomer Tennis Legends:
A) Pam Shriver – Boomer Legend/1st Grand Slam Doubles Champion/Tennis Commentator/Leader
B) Wayne Bryan – Boomer Legend/Author/Speaker & Coach “Bryan Brothers” #1 Most Successful Doubles Team in Tennis History
C) Vic Braden – Boomer Legend/long time Sports Science Researcher, licensed Psychologist & Founder Vic Braden Tennis College
D) Dick Gould – Boomer Legend/Men’s Tennis Coach 38 Years/17 NCAA Championships/50 All Americans/ITA-Wilson Coach of Decade in both 1980’s & 1990’s
II.  International Tennis Industry Leaders:
E) Dan Santorum – CEO/Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) –
F) John Embree – CEO/United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) –
G) Kevin Kempin – CEO/HEAD USA –

H) Joe Dinnofer – CEO/OnCourt OffCourt Ltd –

I) Rosie Casals – International Tennis Hall of Fame, Boomer Legend in “Original 9” –
J) David Egdes/SVP – Tennis Channel –
K) Dr. Jim Loehr – world-renowned Performance Psychologist, Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute, and author of 16 books –
L) Dr. Jack Groppel – Co-Founder at Human Performance Institute, VP of Applied Science & Performance Training, Wellness & Prevention, Inc. –
Baby Boomer Tennis Testimonials
“Baby Boomer Tennis is the definitive resource for a generation that demands excellence. Industry leaders, Dr. Joy Macci and Craig Bell deliver the goods… page after page!”
Cliff Sheats, Ph.D., CCN, DANLA, FRSPH
“Dr. Joy and Craig have identified the “secret” world of baby boomers who play tennis and have opened the door WIDE, with BBT services, resources, and advice for the largest generation to ever hit the tennis courts! They are turning this segment of the tennis world from a rabbit hole into a stairway to heaven!”
Joe Dinoffer, President, Oncourt Offcourt, Ltd.1994-2014 Celebrating 20 Years of Fun!
“Baby Boomers have dramatically shifted every industry they have touched as they have aged. It only makes sense that the “Sport of a Lifetime” can also be impacted by this massive demographic. I believe Dr Joy Macci and Craig Bell are the leading experts on how to capitalize of this massive wave of potential tennis players. This is a brilliant book and highly recommend it to all Pro’s and Clubs Owners.”
Craig Smith, President, Matchpoint Consulting and Resorts
“Tennis is the ideal sport to stay fit and healthy. Boomers are looking for ways to look and feel young. Dr Joy Macci and Craig Bell take the spirit of tennis and good health and combine them in a way that makes sense. I am a huge tennis fan and highly recommend this book to everyone in the tennis industry.”
Anne Smith, BC, DC, Chief Science Officer
“This is a great example of how a sport can be used to improve health and lower stress.”
David Winter, MD, MSc, MACP, Signature Medicine, HealthTexas Provider Network, Baylor Scott & White Health
“I have so much respect and appreciation for all Craig Bell has done for the great game of tennis with his coaching and speaking and writing. He cares deeply about the sport and what it can do for people and he always sees the big picture. And he combines beautifully in this well written book with Dr. Joy Macci who provides such valuable insights from her prodigious background as an innovative coach, inspirational speaker and author.
It was our Baby Boom generation that created the tennis explosion in the 70s and moved tennis forever into the mainstream. We are all living longer and healthier lives and tennis is still at the center for so many of us. You will love the stories and solid information in this book that is so illustrative of the fact that Fun, Friendship and Fitness is, indeed, a very powerful elixir.
Enjoy this fast paced read and I’ll see you out on the courts . . .”
Wayne Bryan, The popular and award winning coach and tour emcee, who is the Father of the greatest men’s doubles team of all time, Mike and Bob Bryan.