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A-B-C’s of Baby Boomer Tennis
Legends, Lessons, Links to “WIN” in Tennis & Life!
Dr. Joy Macci & Craig A. Bell
Giving Baby Boomers the “Bulls-Eye Boomer Tennis” system working with their Body/Mind/Sport verses against it! Plus, learn the Superstars’ Success Keys to decreasing Sports Injuries, while increasing their Tennis Longevity, Performance and Fun!
A.    Analyze (“Bulls-Eye” Boomer Tennis), Align & Assign
B.    BBT Bio-Mechanics & Einstein Success Blueprint
Great Groundstrokes– Fantastic Forehands – C3 (Coil, Contact, Catch)
and Booming Backhands – P3 (Pocket, Pop, Point)
2) Victorious Volleys– S3 (Set, Step, Squeeze)
3) Outstanding Overheads – S3 (Sideways, Salute, Snap)
4) Spectacular Serves – R3 (Relax, Reach, wRist)
5) Awesome Approach Shots – S3 (Strike, Step, Step)
6) Rock-In Return of Serves – H3 (Hop, Hands, Hit)
7) Deadly Drop Shots – S3 (Soften, Scoop, Stop)
8) Lethal Lobs – L3 ( Line Up, Lengthen, Lift)
C.    Condition (Body-Exercise Physiology), Concentrate (Mind- Sport Psychology),
Connect (Sport/Bio-Mechanics & T.F.S,P. Success System)
Baby Boomer Tennis keeps You Young…Come Join Us for the Fun…Boomer Tennis Anyone???
Baby Boomer Tennis
Legends, Lessons, Links to “WIN” in Tennis & Life
Dr. Joy Macci & Craig Bell
Hello Fellow Baby Boomer Tennis Enthusiasts…Now that you’ve turned 50, how’d you like to Enjoy and Excel in Tennis…not just for a Season, but a Lifetime? And how many of you have noticed major changes in your body, energy and focus in your 50/60’s and would love to turn back the hands of time for your Body/Mind/Sport age? If so, this book is just for you! In Baby Boomer Tennis you’ll learn Superstars’ simple proven Success Systems, plus the Ageless Secrets of Baby Boomer Legends, Lessons & Links to help you “WIN” in Tennis & in the Game of Life! Join us on the fun and exciting journey…Boomer Tennis Anyone?

Boomer Legends Baby Boomer Celebrities’ Secrets 2 SUCCESS in Tennis, Fitness & Life
1) Billie Jean King
2) Chris Evert
3) Martina Navratilova
4) Pam Shriver
5) Traci Austin
6) Mary Carillo
7) Jimmy Connors
8) Bjorn Borg
9) John McEnroe
10) Ivan Lendl
11) Ilie Nastase
12) Wayne Bryan

Boomer Lessons – Learn the superstar systems, techniques and training to enjoy and excel at any age our sport of a lifetime.
1) 12 Success Secrets of Baby Boomer Tennis Legends
2) 7 Boomer King Tennis Fitness Exercises
3) 5 Fabulous Boomer Footwork Drills
4) 4 “Inner Winner” Keys to Boomer Brilliance (Technique/Fitness/Strategy/Positive Mindset)
5) 3 Stress-Buster “Inner Winner” Keys (Smile/Breath/Move)
6) “Bulls-Eye” Boomer Tennis (BBT) Summary & Success Blueprint

Boomer Links – Keys to improving Baby Boomers Tennis, Fitness, Fun & Life!
1) Boomer Tennis Fitness
2) Boomer Sports Nutrition
3) Boomer Sports Psychology
4) Boomer Sports Medicine
5) Boomer Tennis Coaches
6) Boomers’ Global Tennis Travel
7) Boomer Trendy Tennis Clothes
8) Boomer Fabulous Footwear
9) Boomer Tennis Footwork
10) Boomer Radical Rackets

11) Boomer Tennis Strings/Supplies/Products
12) Weekly BBT Boomer Tennis Tips
13) Boomer Radio/TV/Media/Magazines
14) International Tennis Industry Leaders
15) National & International Tennis Organizations
16) International Boomer Tennis Association (IBTA)

Boomer Brilliance International – Game Changer Keys to putting your Baby Boomer Tennis Success Puzzle together and what to do next…